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HOW TO Increase Streams Organically - The 24/7 Secret - Real Fans, Real Streams, All Day.

Want to get your music heard? Want to increase your streaming numbers? Want to reach a covert community of authentic readers? Of course you do. Rare Files Club listened. Now introducing Rare Files Radio - a live 24/7 underground music radio. As we begin our journey of investigating and documenting the strange unexplained phenomena hotspot that is California's "Triangle Alley", we will be using our clandestine platform to provide real opportunities for growth and development for covert creatives and truth-seekers of all kinds.

In the labyrinth of the music industry, independent artists often find themselves lost, struggling to navigate through the shadows cast by mainstream giants. But what if I told you there's a beacon of light piercing through the darkness, illuminating a path that leads to real streams and tangible paychecks? Enter Rare Files Radio, a clandestine haven nestled within the depths of the internet, beckoning forth the brave souls of small, new rappers, musicians, vocalists, and producers. Prepare to embark on a journey where the lines between reality and conspiracy blur, as we unveil the secrets to success in the enigmatic world of music.

**Unlocking the Gateway: Rare Files Radio**

At the heart of this covert operation lies Rare Files Radio, a live internet radio station pulsating with the beats of the underground. Hosted exclusively on, this clandestine hub offers independent artists a platform to showcase their talent to a global audience, 24/7. But beware, this is no ordinary radio; it's a gateway to untold opportunities, rare underground music, and a haven for those who dare to defy the norms.

**The Alien Agenda: Getting Your Music Heard**

In a world where algorithms reign supreme, getting your music heard can feel like an otherworldly feat. But fear not, for Rare Files Radio operates on a different frequency altogether. By submitting your music for FREE, you gain access to a network of eager listeners hungry for authenticity and originality. Here, the cosmic dance of algorithms is torn down and rightfully replaced by human connection and artistry, as your tunes resonate with souls across the universe.

**The Government Conspiracy: Monetizing Your Streams**

In the realm of streaming platforms, the quest for real streams can seem like chasing shadows in the night. However, Rare Files Radio offers a beacon of hope amidst the chaos. Through a meticulous vetting process, each play on the radio translates to real exposure and tangible paychecks for artists. Rare Files Radio is fully licensed with ASCAP and BMI, which means every time we play your track, you get paid. Songs added to our radio playlist will get shuffled and streamed all day, 24/7, 365. Say goodbye to the smoke and mirrors of fake streams; here, authenticity reigns supreme, and your talent is valued as it deserves to be.

**Join the Resistance: Embrace the Unknown**

As we navigate the murky waters of the music industry, it's crucial to remember that we are not alone. Rare Files Radio stands as a bastion of solidarity for independent artists, a sanctuary where creativity knows no bounds. Embrace the unknown, defy the odds, and join the resistance against mediocrity. Together, we'll unravel the cryptic conspiracy and forge a new era of music—one where authenticity triumphs over conformity, and the voices of the underground echo through the cosmos.


In a world shrouded in secrecy and uncertainty, Rare Files Radio emerges as a guiding light for independent artists seeking to carve their own path in the music industry. Through its live internet radio hosted on, musicians can submit their music for FREE and embark on a journey of exposure, authenticity, and opportunity. So, dear musician, dare to defy the norms, embrace the unknown, and let your music soar to new heights. The conspiracy awaits, are you ready to join the resistance?

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