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DeMac Mane Embraces The Cold In Live Performance, Rain Sleet Or Snow

DeMac Mane shrouded in darkness performing into a lone microphone.

DeMac Mane Unveils Mysteriously Captivating Live Performance

Making new waves and ripples in a stagnant pool of overwashed artists, DeMac Mane, a product of Los Angeles' creative atmosphere, has captivated audiences with a chilling new live performance video, showing audiences he is a true product of the cold. Known for his hard-crafted penmanship, laid-back golden wisdom, and love for 24 karat gold - DeMac's latest release has added another layer of authenticity to his street-wear brand, Streets So Cold.

DeMac Mane's streetwear  brand, black and white graphic tees.
Streets So Cold Summer 2023 Collection.

Director BHB Visualz shows us the world through his eyes, a shrouded darkness and with DeMac partially obscured in shadows, setting an entrancing stage for his creative heroism to unfold. BHB's unseen visions emanate a certain mystique, drawing viewers into DeMac's world where raw ice-cold creativity and originality fresh as snow reign supreme.

In a conversation about his approach to this performance, DeMac Mane simply said, "Rain, sleet, or snow."

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