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We are proud to announce the new launch of Rare Files Radio, a live Internet radio station dedicated to putting underground artists in front of new fans while building streaming numbers. Submit music you think needs to be heard. Get your music added to our database of artists collecting 24/7 live streams. All for free.

Submitted for evalutation. Check your email & spam folder for an email from us.

Make sure to leave your email so we can notify you of acceptance.


As we continue to develop and test new features for our community, we appreciate your constant support and patience. We plan to broadcast live over Rare Files Radio at certain times over the week, do live DJ sets, live perfomrances, talk shows, and more. If you are interested in becoming part of the official Rare Files Radio team, get in contact with us. 


Only select submissions will be chosen and put into rotation based on strict artistic standards. Royalties will be reported through ASCAP and BMI, which are automatically detected via metadata. For best results, ensure you are exporting your audio files properly with accurate metadata in your DAW. Artist name, year of release, and album name are crucial for track identification. Our blog has an article about how to export audio with metadata. We reserve the right to determine how long submissions stay in rotation.

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